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First Visit


I do not believe only few tests can accurately determine if a dog is aggressive or not!

Dogs in a new environment with new people get stressed. Stressed dogs can show signs of aggression!

At Paws@Play there is no trial but a first day visit when the dog is given the opportunity to relax as much as possible and interact with other dogs (large and small) in a controlled environment. By the end of the day the dog will most likely be him/herself  and show us his/her potential.

The introduction of the new dog to the new pack is done carefully and slowly but it's the dog who will actually determine the pace the introduction goes. Some dogs are so outgoing they basically push their way through and introduce themselves to the pack. Others will take their time to build up courage to meet the new playmates.

Most of the dogs need couple or even few visits to completely relax in this environment but once they do they will enjoy every minute they are here!

Considering all this, the first visit is by appointment only! We work with only one new dog per day! In the case of a family with multiple dogs we can arrange to have them all coming in the same day.

To make easy on the new dog, he/she will have to be here first thing in the morning, before all the barking and commotion starts. Pick up will have to be at the end of the day, giving him/her a chance to relax and leave the place in a content mood.

Drop offs: between 7:15 and 8am

Pick ups  : between 4 and 7pm Monday to Thursday

                    between 4 and 6pm Fridays

After the first visit there is no need for reservation and the parents can bring their dogs at their convenience. However, the hours must be as follows:

Drop offs: between 7:00 and 10am
Pick ups  : between 4 and 7pm Monday to Thursday
                    between 4 and 6pm Fridays