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2 years after the open house.

Original flyer found in a small pet shop bulletin board

About twenty years ago I started working    as a grooming assistant in a petcare center not too far from this location. There I learned most of what I know about dogs. More than 10 years later, then as a manager, I left to open a place where I would spend more time with the dogs rather than behind a desk.  A place where people would feel confident on leaving their buddies and where those buddies would be well cared for. It had always been one of my dreams to work with animals, specially dogs. Now my dream was becoming reality and I was going to call it Paws@Play.

About Us

Flyer from 2008

Flyer from 2006

Paws@Play first open house was on Saturday - April 9, 2005, a beautiful Spring day. Friends and long time customers came to bring their good wishes and their dogs for a visit. It had been perfect if I had remembered to get poop bags, mops and a bucket, the most essential of the supplies for a dog daycare.

Paws was the first dog daycare in the area and still is the only one totally focused in daycare.  At Paws the dogs are not caged at all, they run free the entire time they spend here and I personally take care of them making sure they are exercised, they are well and they are happy!

Far from been a fancy-schmancy facility, the building is simple and practical for easy cleaning. The playroom is 60'x30' what gives the dogs plenty of room to run and play. The small room where some of the lil ones stay is also very simple with "disposable" everything (with time things end up needing replacement). The outside potty area is about 30'x13' with pea gravel as ground cover for easy and complete pick ups. To protect the dogs from the harsh sun there is a 20'x10' tent. To make sure the sunbathers have fun as well a small area was left uncovered.